zK was formed in 1999 by Mark Godwin and Gareth Ormerod.

Projects have encompassed an atypical spectrum of both concepts and clients, covering theatre, remix, broadcasting and live performance.

zK's approach is based on a singular concept; the revelation of the sympathetic core of each project through focussed observation, interaction and listening.

zK's foundation in visual design and psychology generates an approach where conceptual, auditory and visual thinking converge.

Aethyr Jumpers – Plague Recordings, Belgium, 2012
SMAK 13 – Skam Records, UK, 2003
I II III IV V VI VII VIII – Volvox Records, Japan, 2008
The Ebony Tower – Self published
Infinite Regard – Self published
Primum Mobile – Self published

Live soundtrack to Jeff Noon's 'Somewhere the Shadow' – Contact Theatre, Manchester UK, 2001
Remix and Reassemble Skam’s Mask series – Skam Records, 2001
Contributions to Time Machines II: Peter Cristopherson – Bangkok 2008
Restoration of Randy Greif cassette music from 1980’s – Forced Nostalgia, Belgium, 2012
Edit of "Voices On Am" by La Bambola Del Dr Caligari – Forced Nostalgia, Belgium, 2012
Remix - Seaming To, 'Humid' – Record label, UK, 2012
Remix - Ektoise, 'Downriver and Shoreline' – 777 Operations, Australia, 2011/2012

Coil: The Remote Viewer, Black Antlers, The New Backwards, Animal Are You?, Moon’s Milk
The Threshold HouseBoys Choir: Form Grows Rampant
Time Machines II
Electric Sewer Age: Moon’s Milk In Final Phase
Wicked Messenger: Infinite Presence
Ektoise: Downriver EP, Remix LP
Noah Landis (Neurosis, Tribes Of Neurot) Downriver

ATP 2005 Autechre curated, Camber Sands, UK
Warp 10th Birthday Concert, London, UK
Numerous DJ sets and radio through UK and Europe 1990 - 1999